Serious tech with powerful results

Here's the technical bit. Gene editing is a way of making very precise changes to the DNA of an organism. These types of changes occur naturally but they don't happen very often. Gene editing allows us to immediately introduce genetic improvements, significantly speeding up the breeding process - like natural evolution on fast forward.


At Tropic, we use advanced gene editing technologies, including CRISPR, to switch off or 'knock out' specific genes in tropical crops to develop valuable traits such as disease resistance and improved quality.

But, it doesn’t stop there. We have also developed a unique in-house technology platform called GEiGS® that marries elements of gene editing with gene silencing, a naturally occurring mechanism that promotes defense against diseases and regulation of genes.

With GEiGS®, gene editing is used to activate the gene silencing machinery of a crop to defend against specific pathogens. It can also be used to reduce the activity of specific genes in order to improve certain characteristics of a crop. In this way, GEiGS® opens up the possibilities of using gene editing for the better.