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Evolving agriculture.
Sustaining people and planet.


We're making tropical agriculture more productive and sustainable by using cutting-edge genetic innovation. Together, we're enabling brighter futures for growers who need it most.

The proof is in the plants

We focus on crops that are a staple of diets everywhere. Improving tropical produce such as bananas and rice to make them tastier and hardier, less reliant on pesticides and more resilient to climate change. This is better for growers, billions of customers, and the planet.

Evolving agriculture from the ground up

As the world’s population grows, feeding it becomes harder and harder. Our new technology supports farmers on the ground, equipping them against climate change and helping them to increase their yields. Put simply: we keep growers growing.

Technology rooted in nature

We use cutting edge technologies, including CRISPR gene editing, to increase crop resistance to critical diseases and reduce waste in the supply chain. Our proprietary gene editing platform, GEiGS®, combines the precision of gene editing with the versatility of gene silencing (RNAi) and pioneers vast gene editing possibilities in crops to improve their natural traits.

Together we can create a paradigm shift in agriculture

We are a dedicated team of experts from across the world, working closely with growers in the tropics to make sure our technology meets their needs. We put people first in our processes and culture, as we believe that when we work together, we can forge a better future.

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As a team, we’re passionate about the potential for science to shape human health and sustain the future of our planet. We’re always searching for talented individuals to join us.